Masked and armed intruder robs All Saints woman of cash after appearing to have entered her home using a key

An All Saints woman reportedly was robbed of US$210 and EC$500
by a masked gunman who entered her home at 4:30 in the morning.
The matter was reported to the All Saints Police Station and
investigations into the incident are ongoing.
Reports say the woman had gone to bed at about 10:30 p.m. the
night before and was awakened by the masked man, who stood
beside her bed carrying a light.
It is alleged that the intruder pointed a black handgun at her and
demanded money, then ransacked the bedroom and found the cash
inside a handbag in the closet.
After taking the money, the man exited the bedroom and made his
way out of the house.
The gunman is said to be about 5’5” in height, of a slim build, and
was dressed in dark clothing. Allegedly, he also wore gloves and a
dark-coloured ski mask that covered his face, leaving only his eyes
Reportedly, the Police examined the house, but saw no signs of
forced entry. However, the victim showed the officers a northern
living-room door that reportedly was closed, but not locked, after
the intruder went out that way. 
It appeared that he had gained entry via that door with a key.
The Police conducted a search of the surrounding areas for anyone
fitting the description of the robber, but without success.