UPP Administration will remove duty on popular food items and reduce it on building materials to help ease the squeeze

In order to ease the squeeze on the poor and reduce the cost of living, in general, the United Progressive Party (UPP) is promising to remove the duty on a number of popular food items once it is elected to office.

Speaking at last Thursday’s Right Choice for Your Pocket public rally, Political Leader Harold Lovell said the Party has examined the viability of the proposal and knows it can work.

Lovell says this is just one short-term plan to assist those who are struggling, since this is the time for solutions – rather than a period for self-enrichment, as is now taking place under the Gaston Browne Administration.

The retail prices of food will be monitored, and they will be reduced as the need arises, Lovell promises. The relevant consumer agencies will ensure that supermarkets and shops pass the benefits on to customers.

Lovell says the prices on building materials, which have increased drastically, will be reduced as well.