Traffic Dept still challenged by non-compliant drivers, but limited resources will not stop officers from doing their job

In spite of limited human and other resources, the Traffic Department is trying its best to get its work done and ensure that persons obey the laws, says Police Superintendent and Head of the Department Elson Quammie.

He notes that officers continue to be challenged by the fact that some motorists are still not wearing seatbelts and many are still not utilizing hands-free phone devices. Speeding and lack of attention to the road are also of concern, with more than 10 traffic collisions occurring on some days.

However, Quammie says, the Department will not be deterred from carrying out its duties efficiently, even without the necessary tools.  In this regard, he notes that complaining about what you do not have will not get the job done.

However, the senior officer admits that, since the fines were increased for holding a cell phone while driving, there has been some improvement in this regard.