UPP St. Mary’s North Branch stages ‘Small Business Expo’ while All Saints West is the next stop on ‘Caravan’ this weekend

The St. Mary’s North Branch of the United Progressive Party (UPP) will be hosting a Small Business Expo this weekend – the first such event to be held under the stewardship of Senator Johnathan Joseph.

Joseph, the UPP’s Candidate for that area, says the initiative has garnered such interest that applicants are being turned down, since it has reached its capacity.

The Expo is being held to allow small-business owners to make some money in this hard economic period, he explains.

Joseph says that various types of businesses have registered to take part in the event, which will be held on Sunday, September 4, between noon and 7 p.m., at the Branch office on Whenner Road.

Admission to the event is free.

Meanwhile, Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the UPP, is buoyed by the success of the Party’s first two “Small-Business Caravans,” and is promoting the third edition – set for the All Saints West constituency tomorrow, September 3.

The caravan should move off from the Branch office on the Seaview Farm Main Road between 1 and 2 p.m. and wend its way through the constituency.