Lovell says there is great potential for agri-business here, and local sea-island cotton could become a thriving industry

A United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration has plans to expand the agri-business sector by revitalizing the Sea Island Cotton industry.

This week, Political Leader Harold Lovell returned from Barbados, where he participated in a Caribbean Investment Summit and laid out areas for development in Antigua and Barbuda.

Lovell says there is great potential here for agricultural production that specializes in a number of areas. 

Speaking of Sea Island Cotton production, Lovell notes that it was an industry the UPP had begun cultivating when it was in office – only to have it shelved by the Browne Administration.

However, he says the local cotton is of such a high quality that his administration will seek to partner with a reputable clothing brand to market the commodity.

For over three decades, Lovell says, the country has been too dependent on imported goods, some of which can be produced here. And, unfortunately, he adds, we also look to external sources to develop or make investments in areas where we can do so ourselves.