Traffic Department head reminds owners and drivers that trucks taking part in Carnival must have their wheels covered

Drivers and owners of trucks that will take part in the Carnival
festivities this weekend – especially those involved in the parades
and Jou’vert Morning jump-up – are being advised to secure their

During past celebrations, persons have lost their lives after losing
their balance, falling in a truck’s path, and being run over – or been
accidentally pushed into the wheels while jamming.

But no matter the circumstances, says Traffic Department head
Superintendent Elson Quammie, having the tyres properly secured
and covered could avert a serious incident. 

Meanwhile, Quammie is appealing to visitors who wish to operate a
vehicle and advising them to have a valid driver’s license from their
country of origin, in addition to a temporary local license.

The temporary license can be obtained for EC$50 or US$20, he says.