UPP defector ‘accepts’ Senate seat, leading critics to conclude that his appointment was an ALP inducement

The reason for the “promotion” of the youngest Government
senator, Caleb Gardiner, to a diplomatic position in the United States
is now clear, observers say.

They allege that it was to fulfill the Labour Party’s promise to
Dwayne George – to reward him with a Senate appointment for
defecting from the United Progressive Party (UPP).

This week’s Cabinet Notes appear to confirm the observation, since
the Executive says it is applauding George for accepting his
nomination to the Senate, effective today, August 3.

Accordingly, George is making his first appearance as the newest
ALP senator in the Upper House today, one week after resigning
from the UPP.

The body convened on Thursday to debate two matters sent up from
the House of Representatives, which met last week.
Meanwhile, George’s appointment comes as no surprise, since
Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the UPP candidate in St. Mary’s South, has
reported that he, too, had been courted by the Labour Party, which
offered several inducements, including a seat in the Senate.

However, a disgusted resident is asking, “What does it profit a man
to gain the world and lose his soul for 30 pieces of silver, or for fame
and prestige?”

He says it did not end well for Judas, and others who follow his spirit
will meet a similar fate since God frowns on such persons.
The man likens George’s betrayal of Simon to the kiss that Judas
bestowed on Jesus. He notes that it was just weeks ago that George
chaired Simon’s town hall meeting – at which he castigated the same
Labour Party he has now chosen to join.

In the same vein, a woman describes George as self-serving, rather
than patriotic, and his actions as “the worst kind of evil.”

Meanwhile, the Cabinet says it anticipates that Gardiner will have
the benefit of serving with a senior diplomat, in Washington, D.C.,
and also furthering his academic studies there.

But it was reported, earlier this week, that the youth is pursuing
master’s studies at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill.
Gardiner also said, at the time, that he did not know when his new
assignment would take effect.

This has led some persons to opine that he was rushed out of the
Senate simply to make way for George. However, they say, George
will have go resign that position if he intends to contest the pending
by-election in St. Mary’s South, so they believe that Gardiner has
been “used.”