Solid Waste alerts three communities to delays in their garbage collection this week

Several other communities are now feeling the impact of the issues
faced by the National Solid Waste Management Authority in terms of
honouring its waste-collection schedule.

The Authority announced on Wednesday, August 3, that John
Hughes, Buckleys, and Seaview Farm are facing delays in the
collection of their garbage.

Its management seems unable to get a lasting grip on this situation,
which the Cabinet, in June, blamed on the insufficiency of compactor

The Authority says it has been working to rectify these issues in the
shortest possible time – but that has been little comfort to the
affected households and neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, there was an unavoidable late start to
waste collection in Hatton, the agency says.

Accordingly, it encourages residents to report any delays or missed
collections to the hotline at 562-1347.