St. George Candidate says he is aware of scheme to pad voters list and warns itinerant voters not to be used

The Antigua & Barbuda Electoral Commission has reported a significant increase in voter registration, particularly in the constituencies of St. Peter and St. George.

Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the United Progressive Party Candidate in St. George, says that officials should give credit for the uptick where it is due.  He explains that there are people on the ground daily, working to ensure that no one is disenfranchised when the election date is announced.

Watts also notes that some people are being influenced to move from one constituency to the next in an effort to pad the voters list.  Accordingly, he is warning these persons to be aware of the penalties under the election laws.

The UPP Candidate says his team is remaining vigilant, as members have received information that such moves are afoot.

Watts says he has been proactive in personally seeking out these individuals and giving them early warning.