Motivation to retain St. Mary’s South seat has been heightened by George’s defection, Symister says  

The defection of Dwayne George from the camp of the United
Progressive Party (UPP) is another motivating factor to ensure the
Antigua Labour Party is defeated in St. Mary’s South, says Leon
Chaku Symister.

A by-election is expected in that constituency following the
resignation of former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon on June 7.
Simon was expected to challenge Samantha Marshall, the Antigua
Labour Party (ALP) candidate whom he defeated by almost 200
votes in the January 18 General Election. 

However, Marshall has been replaced on the ALP ticket by George,
who was a member of Simon’s campaign team up to last month.
Symister says that George’s defection provides the UPP with even
greater motivation to retain St. Mary’s South and ensure the Labour
Party maintains only its single-seat majority in Parliament – for

Further, he predicts that the people of St. Mary’s South will give
George a thorough beating at the polls,  similar to what they dealt to

In the meantime, Symister assures supporters that the UPP will not
fall asleep on the job and it is watching all activities in the
constituency like a hawk.

The UPP spokesperson on legal matters says that no stealing of the
by-election will be allowed to take place, as happened in past