Browne Administration has turned the national festival into a political campaign, UPP caretaker for City West charges

The Gaston Browne Administration is being accused of turning the
Carnival celebrations into a political circus, with mainly party
supporters being utilized to provide services.

Alister Thomas, the United Progressive Party caretaker for City
West, says this practice has been the culture of the Antigua Labour
Party – and is on bold display now that a by-election is around the

He says the festival has been structured to promote political
campaigning – but he hopes the results do not reflect any political

Thomas notes that while friends are being paid up front, others have
to wait even, after having rendered their services. 

According to him, it is skullduggery like this that prevents the
festival’s administrators from taking the audited financial accounts
to the Parliament. 

The former Mas’ builder makes reference to the much-criticized
Teenage Pageant that was staged two Saturdays ago and which was
plagued with technical challenges. 

Meanwhile, Thomas says the Labour Party will be milking this year’s
festival as much as it can and giving away tickets to ensure votes in
the pending by-election.

He concludes that never in the history of what has been dubbed the
“Caribbean’s Greatest Summer” has it been so greatly used as a
political tool.