UPP chair says the Party will not take its eyes off the electoral process, especially voter transfers ahead of SMS by-election

As the countdown continues on the days leading to the by-election
in St. Mary’s South, the United Progressive Party (UPP) says it is not
taking its eyes off the entire electoral process – especially voter

To demonstrate how seriously the Party is taking the by-election, a
monitoring committee has been put in place, says D. Gisele Isaac,
UPP chairman.

Isaac says the Labour Party will not get the opportunity to pad the
voters list in St. Mary’s South – like Prime Minister Gaston Browne
confessed was done before the January 18 General Election, when
persons were transferred from his constituency to give his
candidates a boost. 

According to Isaac, no voter transfers that contravene the six-month
residency period required by law will be allowed to go through.
She notes that anyone who recently moved into the constituency
will not be eligible to vote there – unless their transfer process had
been in train from earlier this year or even from 2022.

Former MP Kelvin “Shugy ” Simon precipitated a by-election in the
St. Mary’s South constituency after tendering his resignation from
the House of Representatives on June 7.

Accordingly, the chairman says, the UPP has stepped up the
frequency of its meetings since the matter came up. Instead of every
other week, she says, the Central Executive is now coming together

She notes, too, that there is a campaign committee on the ground,
along with a separate committee that is overseeing the handling of
Simon’s operations.