Promise to raise taxes and absence of prime minister’s usual boasts are evidence of government’s money troubles, Bird says

The Gaston Browne Administration continues to deny that it is
struggling financially. But if that is the case, asks Sean Bird, then
what accounts for the prime minister’s announcement that taxes
will be raised come the next budget cycle?

Just recently, a reporter suggested to Information Minister Melford
Nicholas that Antigua and Barbuda is strapped for cash. However,
that statement was challenged by the minister, who painted a rosy
picture and asserted that all is well in the country. 

Bird, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St. John’s
Rural East, says the Government has been unable to meet the
demands of many of its workers – who are calling for monies owed
to them, including back pay and overtime, and the promised salary

Bird says that most people are aware that the country is going
through extremely troubling times and the Government is unable to
meet their needs; otherwise, Prime Minister Browne would not have
spoken, as he did, to the Port Authority workers. 

Further, the UPP caretaker notes, while Browne has had a habit of
boasting about what he is able to do, he has not been doing that, of