Lovell says last-place regional ranking of CIP should spur the Browne Administration to study competitors and get it right

The Gaston Browne Administration appears to be interested only in selling the country’s passports, says Harold Lovell, the United Progressive Party’s Political Leader.

His comment follows last week’s publication of the Citizenship by Investment Index ranking, on which Antigua and Barbuda was ranked last among the Caribbean nations offering the programme and fifth among the 13 countries worldwide.

Lovell says that being in last place regionally should prompt the Administration to study what our competitors are doing, so that Antigua and Barbuda’s programme can stand out.

Further, while other countries have put their CIP funds to good use for the development of their country and people, Lovell says, the Browne Administration has done nothing meaningful with our earnings.

The UPP Political leader says this Administration’s plans for the CIP are only to sell passports and squander the money.

Meanwhile, Lovell recalls that, under the CIP’s National Development Fund option, the UPP had established a board that was responsible for development projects, particularly for young entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Speaking to the Real Estate option under a UPP Administration, he says the country would have seen the development of a sector that could be utilized to generate employment for citizens and residents.