Bird urges Gov’t to pay more attention to social issues impacting youth, as delinquency has negative economic effects

The Browne Administration needs to pay more attention to the
country’s social issues, says Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party
caretaker for St. John’s Rural East – especially since so many recent
criminal offences involved young people.

The Government’s current piecemeal approach will not solve the
problem, Bird says, and he is asking what social programmes – if any
– have been developed and implemented to target the youth.

If the Nation’s youth are lost through illicit activities and they do not
become contributing and productive citizens, it can have a negative
trickle-down effect, he says. And certain agencies – including the
Social Security Scheme – could be impacted by their delinquency. 

According to Bird, the people must for leaders who have a vision
and who are able to properly address the many social issues now
besetting the country.

Regrettably, he says, there is a shortage of visionaries in Antigua and
Barbuda and, by extension, the region. Further, the prevailing
attitude of self-interest does nothing for the development of the
country and its people, especially the youth, Bird says.