Residents Question Government’s Plan For 80,000 Vaccinations In 35 Days

Some people are poking fun at the plans of Health officials to inoculate 80,000 people in 35 days.
Yesterday, February 25, the Cabinet met with seven experts from the Ministry of Health, including the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Rhonda Sealy-Thomas, and three members of the Technical Committee which is responsible for disseminating new information to the public.
Reportedly, Dr. Sealy-Thomas shared with Cabinet Members the Ministry’s plan for vaccinating a high percentage of the adult population in just over a month.
“Five teams, each consisting of five staff and nurses, will be dispatched to several centres each day of the week (Saturday and Sunday also) during March and the first week of April,” the Notes say.
The goal is to inoculate between 250 to 550 people daily for a period of 35 days.
As it relates to the vaccination drive on Barbuda, two days will be dedicated to the sister-island in order to vaccinate the approximately 1,000 adults living there.
“This approach will allow the Ministry to achieve herd immunity in the State,” according to the Notes. “That accomplishment will, in turn, make Antigua and Barbuda very safe, though the COVID-19 protocols will continue to apply,” the Notes say.
Some 40,000 vials of the AstraZeneca vaccine are expected to arrive on island this weekend.

“Another 100,000 vials will be required within two months in order to provide the second inoculation, which will bring 100% efficacy to the recipients of the vaccine,” the Notes further claim.
The Serum Institute of India will likely provide 100,000 vials, as requested, the report from Cabinet states. But this apparent uncertainty is causing a measure of concern among those who plan to be vaccinated.

“What if we don’t get the drug from India in time? What if we don’t enough for everybody to take the second dose?” a Hodges Bay asks REAL News. “By now, the Government should know where we’re getting these vaccines from,” he says in frustration.
Meanwhile, responding to online reports of the Ministry of Health’s target, one man calls the move very ambitious. He is, however, willing to get vaccinated during the set timeline.
Displaying her skepticism about the Ministry’s ability to reach its goal, a woman asks whether this will be similar to the Antigua Labour Party’s “500 Homes in 500 Days” initiative.
Another woman comments, “And here is an example of why so many fail math nowadays.”

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