In spite of game-playing by the Government, Symister expresses confidence that by-election will be called by October

A by-election will be held in the constituency of St. Mary’s South – in
spite of the House Speaker’s refusal to accept the resignation of
former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon – says a confident Leon Chaku
Symister, the United Progressive Party’s spokesperson on legal

It is now just over two weeks since Simon resigned from the House,
and Symister says the clock is ticking and the Party is counting down
the days.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his Cabinet have pointed out
that the case to determine Simon’s eligibility to run in the January
18 polls is still pending. In spite of Simon’s resignation, the claimant
has not dropped the case, they note.

To some persons, this suggests that no date for a by-election can be
set before the court matter – due to be heard in July – is concluded. 

However, Symister is confident that the by-election will be held in
early October, if not before, since Wednesday, June 21, marked 15
days since the Speaker received Simon’s resignation letter.

Because of the 120-day timeframe allowed for a by-election,
Symister says the Government seems to be playing all kinds of
games. But he says the most critical part of the electoral process is
when the Governor-General issues the Writ of Election.

Meanwhile, following his revelation at a town-hall meeting in St.
Mary’s South on Monday night, attorney Harold Lovell has
confirmed that the judge on the Simon case has recused himself,
allowing the trial to go forward judiciously.