Two allegations of sexual abuse – one involving a girl aged 7 – are under police investigation

A child is one of two victims who allegedly were sexually molested,
in separate cases being investigated by the Police.

A source claims that an adult male sexually exploited a seven-year-
old girl, and this offence was reported to the All Saints Police Station,
by the mother. 

The woman claims the offence – unlawful sexual intercourse
–occurred sometime between April 12 and 14.

Some residents are expressing disgust at this alleged incident and
are concerned about its far-reaching effects on the child.

The maximum penalty for this type of offence – that is, sex with a
girl under the age of 12 years – is life imprisonment.

Meanwhile, an indecent assault against an adult woman is also being

The matter was reported to the Criminal Investigations Department
(CID) by the victim.

It is alleged that a man she knows, but not by name, touched her on
a breast.

This offence is alleged to have taken place at about 9:30 a.m. while
the woman was on Fort Road.

An initial search carried out for the alleged offender proved futile. 
Meanwhile, a lower All Saints Road business was the most recent
target of a robbery, committed by a known man with a knife.

A report of the incident was made to the Criminal Investigations
Department (CID) by a Golden Grove man on behalf of the caretaker
of the business, the Old Donkey Trough.

It is alleged that the perpetrator, whose alias is “Mobster,” went to
the business place brandishing a long knife, which he used to
intimidate the businessman before taking $205 in cash that had
been left on the counter. 

Reports are that he then casually left the business.
This offence is reported to have occurred at about 9 p.m. on April 18.
A search was carried out for the alleged offender without success.  
Inquiries into this robbery are ongoing.