Six Cameroonians who entered BVI illegally said to be police custody, after calling 911 for rescue from the bush

Six Cameroon nationals who left Antigua over a week ago are now in
the custody of immigration authorities in the British Virgin Islands
(BVI), having entered that country illegally, sources tell REAL News.
Reportedly, the six left here onboard a fishing vessel, expecting to be
met by an accomplice on arrival in the BVI. However, things did not
go as planned, and they were forced to take refuge in the bush,
where they spent a week.

Unable to withstand the conditions, which included severe mosquito
bites, the Cameroonians allegedly dialled 911 and requested
emergency assistance. Immigration officials responded, the sources
say, and the West Africans are now in police custody.

Another set who allegedly left Antigua on May 15 is now in St.
Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI), where, reportedly, they
have filed for asylum and are waiting to be transported to the US

According to reports, some of those who landed in the Virgin Islands
earlier have already gone on to the United States.
One of those in the May 15 group confirmed that she is, indeed, in
the USVI, but was unwilling to have her voice recorded, explaining
that she does not wish to jeopardize the chances of her countrymen
who are still in Antigua.

In the meantime, she claims the St. Thomas authorities have asked
that they round up all the Cameroonians who are there, with the
view of having a collective meeting.

More than 900 West Africans arrived here on controversial flights
late last year. However, locals say that fewer than 100 of them are
currently on island, with speculation that most left on illegal boat
trips to other territories for onward journey into the United States.