To ensure compliance, Cabinet says $5k fine will be imposed on private businesses that breach vaccination mandate

A penalty of $5,000 will be imposed on private-sector businesses that breach the Government’s mandatory vaccination policy. 

Several weeks ago, in an apparent response to a request by the Employers Federation, the Cabinet mandated that companies with five or more employees must ensure that their staff are inoculated.

Enforcement of this policy was reportedly discussed on Wednesday, November 10, during the Cabinet sitting.

Evidence presented reportedly showed that some businesses were not enforcing the policy and requiring their employees to present prooof of vaccination, the Cabinet says. Consequently, employers who continue breaching this regulation will have to pay the fine.

Government Spokesperson Lionel “Max” Hurst says the next publication of the public-health advisory will include this stipulation.

Meanwhile, he also says there appears to be some relaxation of the COVID-19 protocols at several businesses. 

Persons are required to wear masks, sanitize their hands, and practice social distancing in public spaces and in offices. However, some companies and their customers reportedly have not been abiding by the Regulations, and this could increase the spread of the virus at a time when it is on a decline.

Government appears to be breaching its own Regulations, however.  On Wednesday, several persons at the High Court pointed out that the hand-sanitizer dispenser next to the police officers’ station was bone dry.