Bailey directs media house to Solid Waste Authority’s chairman on questions about number of working garbage trucks

Ian Bailey, waste-collection manager at the National Solid Waste
Management Authority, says he is personally not aware of reports
that say there is a shortage of garbage-disposal trucks at the

The word on the street is that there are only four government trucks
servicing the entire island, while unconfirmed reports say that
private contractors have not been paid and have therefore downed

However, Bailey says he cannot address this allegation, and he
directed REAL News to the Authority’s chairman, since he (Bailey) is
not authorized to speak to the media.

For several months now, residents island-wide have been
complaining about the Authority’s failure to collect their garbage in
a timely manner.

In some communities, the waste has not been collected for two
weeks and more, creating unsightly messes and feasting and
breeding grounds for pests, including rodents and flies.
Additionally, residents complain that dogs and other animals have
gotten into their trash bins, toppling them over and tearing into the
garbage bags, thereby littering their communities. 

Homeowners in Fitches Creek and Weirs are angry that their
garbage has stood been uncollected for 20 days, while in Cedar
Grove, residents say it has been two weeks. 

Bailey admits that refuse was not collected in Weirs on time this
week, but assured it would be addressed on Thursday, June 8.
He attributes the late collection to the fact that a private contractor’s
truck had broken down; therefore, he says, alternative plans had to
be put in place. But, he claims, he was unaware that the garbage has not been picked
up from Cedar Grove.  He says there have been no complaints
coming out of that village, and adds that the waste collection there is
up to par. The next scheduled collection day, he says, is Friday, June

Bailey says the Authority has been working in earnest to ensure that
garbage is collected across the country in a timely manner. 
However, He persons with complaints should telephone the hotline
number at 562-1347.