Symister says the governor-general can run from pickets – but not hide from the people’s intention to get answers

Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams has left the country; but this will not deter the citizens and residents who want answers in the Antigua Airways/Migrant-Smuggling Saga, says attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister. 

Sir Rodney and his wife left for Barbados on Monday, May 29, ahead of planned pickets at his office for the remainder of this week.  However, Symister says, although the governor-general can run, he cannot hide, because the people will not allow this issue to rest.

Reports say that Sir Rodney was overheard describing the call for an inquiry as “UPP nonsense,” prompting Symister to observe that the governor-general appears to have entered the political arena.  Instead, the attorney says, the head of State needs to get a backbone and do what is right.

Meanwhile, Symister says the United Progressive Party is privy to information that persons in government, or associated with the Government, have made huge profits off the Antigua Airways venture.