Almost 11 pounds of cocaine found on boat at Parham Wharf, and 56 pounds of cannabis at Deep Water Harbour Cargo Shed

The Police have seized over a half-million dollars’ worth of illegal drugs during separate interdiction operations.

According to reports, a number of officers, including men from the Crime Management Team, went on duty at the Parham Wharf on May 26, at about 1 a.m.

While there, the lawmen reportedly observed a 20-foot vessel –”Lenci 2″ – being operated by Cleveland Telemaque.  The vessel allegedly was intercepted and searched, and officers found five brick-like substances resembling the controlled drug cocaine, as well as a cooler containing a bag of Yoplait drinks.

The items reportedly were discovered in the presence of Telemaque and another person, Elni Bernard.  Hence, both men were taken to Police Headquarters and the vessel was towed to the Coast Guard Base.

The substance was later weighed and determined to be 10.9 pounds.  Reportedly, the Class A drug carries an estimated street value of $173,047.

Meanwhile, in a separate joint exercise, several officers from  the Narcotics Department went on duty at the Deep Water Harbour at about 12 p.m. that same day.

The officers were assisted by members of the Customs Task Force at the Deep Water Harbour Cargo Shed. 

During the operation, a dark-blue barrel was searched, and several vacuumed-sealed packages were found, each containing marijuana.

The substance reportedly was counted and amounted to 56 packages in total, weighing 56 pounds.  It carries an estimated street value of $336,000.

The barrel, along with its contents, was taken to Police Headquarters for further investigation purposes.