Company director alleges that his signature was forged to facilitate acquisition of cannabis license; police investigating

The Police are investigating an alleged forgery involving a United States resident.

Reports are that a Wireless Area resident, an officer of Smooth Smoke (ANU) Inc., visited the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and complained that a man who resides in the United States had forged his signature sometime in April this year.

It is alleged that the two men had been in discussion about a joint business operation; as a result, the US resident had in his possession a number of documents with the victim’s signature.

It is alleged that the suspect lifted the victim’s signature and placed it on several other documents, which were then sent to a woman at CDS Consultancy.  

It is further alleged that she, in turn, printed the documents and submitted them to the Antigua and Barbuda Cannabis Authority in order to obtain a cannabis licenses.

Additionally, the Wireless Area man reported that a local law firm, located at Friars Hill Road, had ordered a company seal for his business, Smooth Smoke (ANU) Inc., without his permission.

The Police reportedly have obtained certain information as investigations into the matter are ongoing.