Businesswoman points police to trouble-spot outside Golden Grove Primary, saying it is a breeding ground for criminals

Youth-related crime has reached such an intolerable level that adults are pointing the Police to what have become trouble spots, including the area near the traffic light outside the Golden Grove Primary School.

“It’s an obvious breeding ground for these kids, who eventually become hardened criminals,” says a businesswoman who passes through that location regularly.  

“They stand by the light holding up their guineps, or tea bush, demanding you buy,” she complains.  “If you give them the sign to say ‘No,’ they come banging on your window to give them money!”

She reports that one of the aggressive young entrepreneurs actually opened another female’s car door on a day that the woman’s vehicle’s locks were not working properly.

Further, she says, a resident of the Wehner Road neighbourhood laments that the boys “are wreaking havoc in the village – stealing people’s fruit, gas bottles, shoes, bicycles and clothing.  All young kids!” she exclaims.

The businesswoman claims that complaints about the situation have been made to the authorities “endlesss times, but to no avail.”

Given the swift response, this week, to the murder in nearby DeSouza Road, the woman says it appears the Police will respond to motorists’ and villagers’ complaints only if – or when – a couple of the youth are shot.