Election challenge rendered moot by Simon’s resignation, High Court judge rules; official says ALP knows what it has to do

A by-election in St. Mary’s South is imminent, since a High Court
judge has ruled that the case brought by constituent Casworth
Aaron is now moot – given that Kevin “Shugy ” Simon has already
resigned from the House of Representatives. 

Justice Jan Drysdale delivered a comprehensive ruling on
Wednesday morning, July 5, after having heard arguments from all
sides on July 3.

After the preliminary hearing on Monday, Simon had expressed
confidence about his victory and about achieving his ultimate
objective: That is, to allow the voters – and not the court – to
determine his future as a parliamentarian.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner was at the High Court for
the decision and spoke with Simon’s campaign manager, Justin

Henry was elated by the court’s decision, declaring that the team
will be back to work and hitting the streets in the constituency,
starting Wednesday night.

Justin Henry, campaign manager for Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon.
Wehner also had a conversation with former Prime Minister
Baldwin Spencer, who said he was not surprised by the judge’s

Meanwhile, Senator Mary-Clare Hurst was clearly disappointed by
the ruling, but said the Labour Party knows what has to be done.
“Let the people of St. Mary’s South decide” on who they want to
represent them in parliament, she adds. 

Following the jubilation outside the courtroom by UPP officials and
supporters, an impromptu motorcade wound its way into the St.
Mary’s South constituency, blaring the good news of Simon’s court