No alternative Paper 2 for CSEC math; after security breach, CXC decides to base final grade on the two other exam papers

This year, students sitting the Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exam in math will have their final grade determined by the multiple-choice Paper 1 and the school-based assessment Paper 3, the alternative to the SBA.

The exclusion of Paper 2 (or the long paper) follows a security breach last week ahead of the sitting of the exam.

The Caribbean Examinations Council  (CXC) has determined that the breach – which it describes as a fiasco and of “great concern” – originated in Jamaica, with the paper being distributed across the Caribbean.

While investigations have identified the leak and the specific examination centre, the persons responsible were not named.

Many students, locally and across the region, had been concerned that an alternative Paper 2 would be given, since this is the most challenging part of the math exam.

However, the decision to base the final grade on the two other papers has been communicated to regional ministries of education.

The decision to use this modified approach takes the candidates’ mental health and well-being into consideration, CXC says, as well as the timely release of this year’s results and matriculation requirements.

The regional body is assuring “candidates that the security of regional examinations is paramount and their best interest continues to be at the centre of the organisation’s decisions and processes. “