Alleged robber flees scene, clutching loot, after police reportedly shoot out tires of vehicle in which he was escaping

It appeared to be a scene of “cops and robbers,” this morning, June
21, as video footage captured a police officer in hot pursuit of an
alleged robber in downtown St. John’s.  

There are conflicting reports of what actually preceded the chase.
But unconfirmed reports claim that the alleged offender had
kidnapped a woman with intention to rob.

Having been alerted to the offense, police officers were able to shoot
out the tires of the vehicle in which the alleged robber and his victim
were riding. However, the alleged offender managed to escape from
the vehicle and run from the scene on foot. 

Video footage shows the man, dressed in black, running out of his
shoes and fleeing while clutching a black handbag.

The action occurred on Cross Street, and the alleged robber appears
to turn right onto Tanner Street and disappears from view.
REAL News will have more information in our 5 p.m. newscast.