Education Minister says School Meals Programme getting set to expand into the southern corridor by establishing new Unit

Plans are underway to establish a satellite unit of the School Meals Programme at the Urlings Primary School, and Minister of Education Daryl Matthew reportedly sought permission to do so from the Executive during its meeting on Wednesday, May 17.

Matthew says this Unit will serve the southern schools that are currently receiving meals from the facility headquartered in Coolidge. The objective, he explains, is to reduce the time it takes to transport meals from the northern to the southern parts of the country.

Reportedly, it is also being done to limit the risk of a systemwide shutdown in the event of an incident at the main kitchen, and to improve the quality of the food by reducing mass production. 

This satellite unit could become operational by the new school term, the Notes claim.

There were unconfirmed reports that meals provided by the Programme have been reaching some schools quite late, making it difficult for the children to have their lunches on time.

There were also concerns about the quality of the food by the time it reached its destination, a source says.