Seventeen-year-old Clare Hall resident is reportedly one of two males involved in gunpoint robbery of a bicycle

A teenager reportedly is one of two youth who held up another young man and stole his bicycle.

The Police are now investigating the robbery, which occurred at about 10 p.m. on May 14 at Campsite.

Reports say the victim, a Clare Hall resident, reported to the Criminal Investigations Department that he had been robbed of his BMX bicycle by two males brandishing handguns.

The youth says he was riding his bicycle from north to south in the vicinity of Sign Pro when he saw the two males, one of whom he recognized as a 17-year-old from the village.

It is alleged that he called out to the teenager, who then held onto the bicycle and demanded that the victim hand it over.

When he resisted, the young man says, each male pointed a handgun at him. They then took his bicycle and rode off in a southerly direction.