Thomas accuses Browne Administration of exploiting young people politically with years-long ‘temporary’ jobs

The Gaston Browne Administration has exploited this country’s youth by offering them unsecured employment over many years, says Alister Thomas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City West.

It has become customary for persons, especially younger people, to be given “Job Programme” positions leading up to general elections.  

While he is not opposed to people getting work, Thomas says he is bothered that they are given “temporary” employment – which lasts for five and more years – instead of work with a three-month probationary period that conforms with the law.

Further, he claims they are not given any formal notice that their initial work status has changed.

This, he says, is an abuse of the young people, since they are paid a meagre salary that can barely support them or their families.

Only recently, the Administration announced that dozens of these workers – some of whom have been working for over eight years on probation – would be taken on as permanent staff.

The UPP Candidate says the Browne Administration continues to use the youth as political pawns, every election cycle, in order to remain in office.

Meanwhile, Thomas charges that not one young entrepreneur has emerged from City West under the leadership of PM Browne – despite the fact that The Point and Villa communities were once the cornucopia of business enterprises.