DeFreitas blames inept Sir Molwyn for Cancer Centre closure and asks whether sale of hospital will follow

With the Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean Ltd. set to close its doors this week  (April 30) and the Government promising to seek investors to purchase the facility, Franz deFreitas says it appears that the Browne Administration wants to sell off the country.

In Parliament last Monday, April 17, Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph reported that the Government had received official correspondence from the centre’s owner, signaling his intention to close the facility. 

The decision is being taken due to the continued financial constraints the investor faces.

Meanwhile, deFreitas, the United Progressive Party caretaker for St. John’s City South, says the Administration continues to show its incompetence in managing the country’s affairs.  

And he is wondering whether the lone public hospital will be next in line to be sold due to the ineptitude of the minister of health.  

As well, deFreitas is concerned about the impact the closure of the Centre will have on existing patients.

Sir Molwyn has promised that the Government will assist in sending them overseas to continue their treatment.  Already, he said, six patients are earmarked to travel to The Bahamas for medical care.

However, deFreitas says, while funds apparently will be disbursed for  treatment, the patients will have to come up with the money for airline tickets and accommodations.

In light of the predicament now facing residents who need cancer care, deFreitas says that Sir Molwyn should resign for his failure to properly manage and maintain a reliable healthcare system.