Robber threatens Browne’s Avenue man with a pair of scissors before making off with victim’s Samsung phone and cash

The Police are now investigating an incident in which an unknown male robbed a Browne’s Avenue man of his Samsung cell phone and his wallet, which containing $200 and several government IDs.

Reports say the victim was walking home when a white Honda Step Wagon drove past him and came to a stop, and then the assailant exited the vehicle and approached him.

Allegedly, the robber pointed a pair of scissors at the man and demanded that he hand over everything in his possession.

In response, the Browne’s Avenue man took the items from his pockets and handed them over to the assailant, who then ran back to his vehicle and drove away. 

The alleged robber is said to be about 5’9” in height, brown in complexion, slimly built, and has his hair in braids. At the time, he was dressed in a white T-shirt and long blue jeans. 

This offence reportedly occurred at about 5 a.m. on August 7 at Browne’s Avenue. The matter was reported at the Police Headquarters.

Meanwhile, the Police also report that a joint drug operation between them and the Customs Department netted 22 pounds of cannabis, seized at the General Post Office on Tuesday, August 9.

During the operation, the report says, a cardboard box containing 20 vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana was discovered.

The controlled substance, with an estimated street value of $132,000, was taken to Police Headquarters, as investigations into the matter continue.