UPP to honour Crump, critique Administration’s first 100 days, and mark its 30th anniversary this week

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is looking forward to a slate of activities taking place this week, leading into the annual Labour Day celebrations.

The activities begin with a recognition ceremony that pays tribute to the late Clarence Crump, a former member of both the Boundaries Commission and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Board, who died in March.

Accordingly, says Damani Tabor, UPP public relations officer, the Party will join  the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union in celebrating the life of the late trade unionist on Monday evening, April 24, and then at his funeral on Tuesday, April 25.

On Friday, April 28, which is 100 days since the General Election, Tabor says the UPP plans to highlight the failures of the Gaston Browne Administration since it was returned to public office.

He says the Party likens the 100 days to the country being in darkness, and on a downward spiral, since the Browne Government continues to pauperize the Nation and its people.

The Party’s activities will culminate next Monday, May 1, during the annual Labour Day celebrations at Ffryes Beach.

Additionally, Tabor says, the UPP will be acknowledging its 30th anniversary this month and marking this historic milestone.