Businessman gets robbed of his payroll during daring daylight heist

Shots reportedly rang out during the early afternoon hours at the Woods Mall on Friday (April 21) during an alleged broad daylight robbery.

It is alleged that a businessman was accosted by masked gunmen after leaving the ECAB bank at the mall.

Further allegations are that two robbers seemed to have targeted the businessman as he had just withdrawn a large sum of money for his payroll.

Allegations are that the attack took place as the man was walking towards his vehicle.

The bandits were able, according to reports, get away with the money from the man before fleeing to a waiting vehicle, which later sped off from the area.

It is alleged that the businessman managed to open fire on the robbers, but it is unclear if anyone was injured. Some have suggested that the crime was committed by four masked gunmen.

The incident reportedly occurred shortly after 1 p.m.

The police have launched an investigation into the matter as the bandits remain on the run.