Walker lends support to petition for inquiry into Antigua Airways, saying the people are entitled to transparency

A Barbuda MP is supporting the United Progressive Party’s petition that calls for a public inquiry into the Antigua Airways/migrant-trafficking scandal.

The endorsement came on Thursday night, March 23, from Trevor Walker during the Party’s rally at Parliament Drive.

Walker says the Gaston Browne Administration should come clean and let the people of this Nation know the true reasons the West Africans – now stranded in Antigua – were brought here.

Since the Government is claiming that the three flights after November 1 were copycats and that the Administration was duped, Walker says there are many questions that need to be answered.

The Barbuda MP says the Administration continues to behave like a law unto itself, forgetting that the people elected members to represent them.  Therefore, since the people are calling for transparency, then everything should be done to ensure their concerns are addressed, he says.

Meanwhile, Walker is encouraging citizens and residents to support the UPP’s call for a public inquiry and to continue pressuring the Government until they get the investigation they seek.