‘No ease up’ in quest to find out what cargo was brought on flights from West Africa, Pringle promises

Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle says the United Progressive Party will not ease the pressure on the Browne Administration until a public inquiry is called.

In addition to learning why the West Africans were brought here, Pringle says there are questions about what was brought in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

The Opposition Leader says that members of the Administration seem to be upset when residents ask for answers about the scandal;  but the UPP will not relent in its fight to uncover the truth, he says .

Meanwhile, Sherfield Bowen, MP for St. Phillip South, says the Labour Party is seeking to put a spin on the public’s call for a public inquiry.

Bowen says the petition in circulation has nothing to do with disliking Africans; rather, it is an effort to garner enough signatures to spur the Governor-General to convene a Commission of Inquiry.

He, too, is curious to find out what was brought here in the cargo hold of those four flights from Nigeria.

In the meantime, in an apparent move to appease calls for a public inquiry, the Cabinet has invited two international agencies to look into the situation of the West Africans who are still here.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) have been invited to investigate and to compile a report on which the Government is expected to act.

However, according to this week’s Cabinet Notes, the Executive is already predicting that the investigation will “likely reveal who wants to return and who prefers to stay.”

Accordingly, UPP officials are asking why the Cabinet needs these agencies to determine this when it has already announced that the majority wishes not to return – especially to Cameroon.