NODS will join regional agencies, on Thursday, to execute annual drill that measures countries’ tsunami-preparedness

Antigua and Barbuda will join other countries in the region to take part in the annual Caribe Wave disaster drill.

The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) will join with other such regional agencies on Thursday, March 23, to facilitate the annual tsunami exercise, which tests countries’ preparedness.

NODS is therefore urging schools and workplaces to be part of the activity by evacuating to their designated tsunami-safe areas.

According to NODS, “An alert signaling the start of the exercise will be sent via the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) App.”  Therefore, officials are encouraging residents to download the app on their smartphones.

The agency is also hoping to utilize the sirens of emergency vehicles, which should sound-off as part of the notification process.

Over 20 schools and workplaces, NODS says, have so far registered to participate, and other persons still have the opportunity to take part.

The exercise begins at 10:30 a.m.