NODS assures residents that it is using technology advances to keep its disaster-alert system up to date and inclusive

As images from earthquake-stricken Turkey and Syria are splashed across the international news, the National Officer of Disaster Services (NODS) is ensuring that advances in technology can properly alert the residents of Antigua and Barbuda in case of disaster.

Hurricanes and earthquakes are well-known natural phenomena that impact these islands and the region.

Accordingly, Sherrod James, director of NODS, says the disaster-management body is always improving its warning systems.

Over the years, James says that NODS has utilized several means to issue warnings – including via radio and, now, through social media and its Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) App.

As newer technologies become available, NODS seeks to utilize them in its warning-system protocols, he says.  It is currently working on its communication VHF radio, and discussions are being held with partners in the region.

James says that different modalities must be employed to reach various persons, since not everyone will use the same means to obtain information, and NODS has to ensure that every member of society is reached during a disaster.