Minister Browne says thousands of acres of unclaimed crown lands to be made available for purchase

More crown land will become available to residents of Antigua & Barbuda, if the Ministry of Housing, Works, Lands and Urban Renewal has its way.

The assertion was made by the portfolio minister and St. John’s Rural East Representative Maria Browne during Thursday’s (March 9) Budget Debate in the Lower House of Parliament.

According to Browne, thousands of parcels have been rendered unclaimed for over four decades because of the No Dealings clause in the law.  

The Lands Minister said the team is working with the Department of Legal Affairs for the law to be amended and for more parcels be made available to the people of this country.

As minister responsible for housing, she added that plans are in place for the development of townhouse-style homes at an affordable rate in Tomlinson’s and Five Islands.

Browne also revealed the ministry’s intentions for developing deferred-ownership homes through a public-private partnership with “capital heavy” investors.