Two more resignations rock the DNA, pundits say the political party’s future looks bleak

The future of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) as a third political party in Antigua and Barbuda seems more uncertain as the exodus of members from the organization continue.

Two more candidates who contested the last general elections have tendered their resignations.

According to a press statement from the party, former candidate for St. John’s Rural North, Louis Rivera and former contender for St. Paul, Gameal Joyce have officially parted ways with the party.

The media release adds that their resignations were tendered following separate discussions with Political Leader Joanne Massiah.   

The two resignations come roughly four months after four former members announced their exit.

In November, Kelton Dalso, who was originally slated to be a contender in the St George constituency, resigned.

In the weeks prior to Dalso’s resignation, former President and candidate for St. John’s Rural West Malaka Parker, former First Vice President Bruce Goodwin and former Secretary General and candidate for St. John’s City West Gatesworth James left the party.

Two candidates had to be found to replace Parker and James in the last general elections.

Pundits have been commenting that the seeming demise, taking into consideration that it was able to muster only one percent of the votes in the January 18 polls.