Vehicle fire destroys Toyota belonging to incarcerated Jennings man; police are investigating

The Fire Department and Police are investigating a vehicle fire that occurred on Tuesday, February 21, in Jennings.

Reports are that a villager telephoned the Police and reported that a vehicle parked in her yard was on fire.

As a result, officers went on duty at the scene, in the vicinity of the old library, where they observed motorcar A55965, on the western side of a house, burnt beyond recognition.

An occupant of the house told the police the vehicle had been a burgundy Toyota BB.

The fire was extinguished with water from the No. 8 appliance from the Johnsons Point Fire Station, and officials say that no one was injured during the incident. 

Reportedly, the vehicle belongs to Laeselle Ryan of Jennings who is currently in prison. It had been parked in the yard for approximately four months.

The vehicle was reportedly licensed and insured on a third-party policy.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 2:15 in the morning hours.