Relative tells hospital to be more circumspect in future, since sharing details of dead patient’s health breached his privacy

The family of a recent COVID-19 victim is taking issue with the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre for what they consider a breach of medical privacy.

On Friday, October 8, the hospital issued information on the country’s 93rd virus-related death: the passing of a 47-year-old man, who was the first fully vaccinated patient to die from COVID-19.

Dr. Albert Duncan, the hospital’s Medical Director, confirmed that the man had multiple co-morbidities when he was admitted on October 3.

“This patient was very ill when he came to us,” Duncan stated, adding that the man’s dialysis treatment had to be deferred because he was so critical.  He died on October 8 after his condition worsened, the Medical Director confirmed.  

In an open letter to the hospital, a relative thanked the doctors and other caregivers for their hard work in trying to save the man’s life. 

However, the writer asked why the deceased’s medical issues were shared with the public when this had not been done in such specific details for other COVID-19 deaths.

Since  a person’s cause of death is not usually made public, except in a murder case or a case of a suspicious death, the relative asks what the hospital intended to prove.

He believes that all the details were released in order to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme and bolster the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Some persons think that, once vaccinated, people are immune to the virus; however, vaccinated people die every day, worldwide, the writer points out.

While the family does not blame the vaccine or the hospital for the man’s death, because of his health condition, they are reportedly upset that his personal health complications were listed in such detail.  The letter-writer says this was not “cool or okay.”

“I’m asking Dr. Duncan and the good folks of SLBMC to be a bit more circumspect going forward,” the writer says. 

Meanwhile, four other persons succumbed to the virus last week, with the youngest being a 37-year-old male.  He was admitted to the medical facility on September 27, reportedly in respiratory distress, and died on October 8 at 10:15 a.m.

Dr. Duncan confirmed that the victim was only partially vaccinated.

An 81-year-old man; a 66-year-old woman; and a 95-year-old female – all said to have had co-morbidities – died on October 6.  Both women reportedly were admitted in severe respiratory distress, requiring immediate intubation. These three were all unvaccinated, the hospital reported.