If DCA does its job impartially, says Senator Payne-Hyman, there would be no need for legislation to monitor contractors

An Antigua Labour Party (ALP) Senator is calling out the Development Control Authority (DCA) and asking that it do its job properly.

During debate on the Architect Professions (Amendment) Bill, 2022, Senator Maureen Payne-Hyman spoke about the many allegations of rip-off made against building contractors.

Accordingly, Senator Aziza Lake recommended the creation of a Bill that would regulate contractors in a similar fashion to what the Architect Professions (Amendment) Bill 2022 is intended to do.

Payne-Hyman, however, says that a Bill would not be necessary if the DCA would do its work under the already existing Planning Act.

Senator Hyman says the DCA should ensure that properties are checked before, during, and after construction to ensure that proper building codes are being followed, since Antigua and Barbuda is in a hurricane zone.

If the Authority is being governed by favoritism, she further advises, it should stop, and everyone should be treated fairly and on merit.