No details revealed, but Minister of Health confirms that COVID-19 variant has been found in an infected person

The Minister of Health is reporting that a variant of the COVID-19 virus has been found in an infected person in Antigua.

However, no further details have been released on this matter; and, so, the type of variant; when it was discovered; and whether contact tracing has commenced are not known.

The only information revealed in the Cabinet Notes for today, February 22, is that no one is hospitalized as a result of being infected.

These days, not much information on the COVID-19 has been coming from the Ministry of Health. However, sources say that persons are still dying from the virus, although the deaths are not being reported.

It was alleged, on his affiliated radio station, that Prime Minister Gaston Browne was infected with COVID-19 as recently as last month.  According to statements made on air, Browne visited Barbuda on Election Day, January 18, knowing he was carrying the virus.

Browne has claimed to be vaccinated and to have received the booster shots, although many residents remain skeptical about his statements, given the controversy surrounding his “private” inoculation.

The mandatory COVID-19 protocols were removed last year ahead of the Carnival festivities.  However, being conscious that the virus is still “out there,” some residents continue to wear masks in public places, while a number of private businesses are still requiring customers to sanitize their hands before entry.