Man accused of drug offence slaps another suspect at Police Headquarters and is charged with battery

A suspect in a drug-smuggling investigation was slapped with charges for assaulting a man whom the Police are also investigating for the same offence.

Reports say that a Hatton man and a Piggots resident were invited to Police Headquarters on Monday morning, February 6. This was in connection with an ongoing investigation into the importation of cannabis at the Deep Water Harbor, on December 29 last year.

While at the Headquarters, the two men were confronted with the allegation and the Hatton man denied knowing the man from Piggots.  As a result, the latter reportedly became angry and slapped the Hatton man in the face.

Officers had to intervene and subdue the aggressor, who was subsequently arrested and charged.

The Hatton man was issued with a Police Medical Form to consult with a doctor, which he did, and he later returned the document to the police, who took his statement.

Reportedly the 45-year-old Piggots resident was then charged with battery for beating the 46-year-old Hatton man.

Meanwhile, when the Piggots man was taken before the St. John’s Magistrates Court the following day, February 7, he pleaded guilty to the charge.  Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh reprimanded and discharged him.

Meanwhile, Joshua Smith of Ovals appeared before Walsh on a charge of wounding, which occurred on January 16 at Green Bay.

He pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay compensation of $1,000 to the victim.  The sum is payable by March 24 or, in default, he will be imprisoned for 60 days.

In the meantime, 23-year-old Asquith Greene of Golden Grove New Extension also appeared before Chief Magistrate Walsh.

He pleaded guilty to charges of attempted break-in and possession of breaking implements and was sentenced to one year on each count to run concurrently.

In another matter, a case of fraud is being investigated.  The owner of Tiny Supermarket reported to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that he had received a cheque for which there were insufficient funds to cover the purchases.

Reportedly, a man went to the business place on January 13 and purchased a number of grocery items, using a cheque issued by the owner of a construction company.

However, when the business tried to obtain payment from the bank, the cheque was returned for having insufficient funds.

The cheque has been handed over to the police, who continue to investigate the offence.