Jolly Harbour’s South Finger residents fall victim to bicycle thieves; police searches turn up none of the stolen items

Thieves seemed to have targeted the South Finger of Jolly Harbour in a spate of larcenies that saw a number of bicycles being stolen.

Reports say that a 68-year-old woman telephoned the Bolans Police Station and reported that her blue bicycle had been taken from her property.

The victim claimed that she parked her bike outside her villa at about 5 p.m. but had not secured it.  When she checked, at about 8:25 a.m., the following day, she discovered the bicycle was missing.

A search for the bike was carried out in the surrounding area, but without success.

Meanwhile, a 61-year-old man also had bicycles stolen from his property.

Reportedly, the man secured his red road bike, which bears the inscription “Willy” on the high cross bar, and one grey metallic mountain bike with thick tires and a huge black custom seat at about 9 p.m. Both bikes allegedly were secured at the side of his villa with a black cable lock.

However, the following morning, at about 7 a.m. he discovered that both bicycles – each reportedly costing US$250 – were missing.

Officers also conducted a search in the surrounding area for the missing bikes, but without success.

In a similar incident, a 48-year-old man reported to the Bolans Police Station that his black-and-green mountain bike had been stolen.

This victim had parked the unsecured bicycle on his porch, and discovered the following morning that it was gone. The value of the bike is $1,400.

A search for that bike proved unsuccessful, as well.

These offences reportedly occurred at various times between February 4 and February 5.  The Police continue their investigations into all three incidents.