Parents still holding School Uniform Grant vouchers get another opportunity to redeem them – until November 30

The Government’s School Uniform Grant Programme, which should have concluded at the end of August, has been further extended.

Organizers have announced a re-opening of the 2021 programme – but only to facilitate the redemption of outstanding vouchers. No new vouchers will be distributed.

The programme, which commenced on July 5, ended on August 27; however, there are reports that many beneficiaries did not trade in their vouchers for school uniforms.

In consideration of that fact, a decision was made to re-open this year’s programme, says Supervisor Tanesha McKenzie-James.

“The officials from the Ministry of Education have agreed to extend the period for redeeming the vouchers … until 30th November, 2021,” McKenzie-James says.

All participating vendors have been notified of the extension.

McKenzie-James emphasizes that this extension is not for those who missed the opportunity to register this year;  neither is it for those now wishing to join the programme.

The School Uniform Grant Programme was introduced 16 years ago by the Baldwin Spencer Administration and continues to be one of the largest social programmes in the country.