Gun-toting bandit holds up cashier and robs Corn Alley store, claiming he needs the money because his father is dying

Investigations continue into a brazen daylight robbery that occurred at the New Fashion Alert Store on Corn Alley.

Reports say the owner of the business telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported that his store had been robbed by a lone gunman.

The incident was captured on CCTV footage, and the perpetrator can be seen stooping down; talking on his phone while taking shots of goods in the store; and, at the same time, inquiring about watches.

He is dressed in a pair of black jeans, black Nike slippers, a floral shirt and a floral bucket hat.

However, after looking around for several minutes, he leaves the store without making a purchase.

A short time later, when the Cedar Valley owner was not present, and only the cashier was on duty, someone fitting the description of the person on video returned to the store.

This person was dressed in the same pants and slippers; but this time he was wearing a blue hooded shirt, with a mask covering his face.

According to reports, the cashier told the Police that the young man pointed a black handgun at her; and, speaking in an Antiguan accent, he said, “I need the money because my dad is going to die.”

He then took her to a storeroom at the back of the business and locked her inside.

The bandit then rummaged through the store and reportedly stole the woman’s black i-Phone, valued at US$1,200; $1,500 in cash from the register; and a quantity of jewelry from several cabinets.

He then fled from the scene with a knapsack full of the stolen items.

Reportedly, since November 2022, the store has been the target of thieves on three separate occasions. However, this is the first time that someone has committed a daylight robbery.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 7.

Meanwhile, a burglary is being investigated after a Golden Grove Extension man called the Grays Farm Police Station and reported that someone had broken into his home and then stolen his motor bus, C 11228.

Reportedly, the intruder gained entry into the home through a push up-window by removing the mosquito screen. He apparently used a water container to gain height and access the living room window, which was closed but not locked.

The burglar then removed the key for the Nissan Urvan motor bus from a bunch of keys inside the residence, then went to the southern side of the house where the vehicle was parked, and stole it.

A search reportedly was carried out for the stolen bus and any suspicious persons – but without success.

This offence reportedly occurred on February 7.