Violence on school premises continues, with Jennings Secondary teen allegedly stabbing another with scissors

Incidents of violence in schools continue, with the most recent victim reportedly being a 15-year-old student of the Jennings Secondary School.

Reports say the student sustained two stab wounds to the head during an incident on Tuesday, February 7, at about 10:45 a.m. while students were on a break.

Allegations are that two 15-year-olds got into a confrontation, during which one used a pair of scissors to stab the other in the head.  Reportedly the injuries were not life threatening, as the victim has since been treated at the hospital and discharged.

Further reports say that, following the stabbing, the alleged perpetrator ran from the school compound.

State media report that the reported assailant’s family has been contacted, and the Police are investigating the incident according to procedures stipulated by the Child Justice Act.

Incidents like these are causing increased unease within the education sector and among the wider society.

On Monday, February 6, teachers and parents staged a picket outside the Clare Hall School compound, calling for increased security, after two masked and armed young men breached the school’s fence and created panic on the premises last Wednesday.